BUFF 2015 Film Schedule Revealed! 2 Opening Night Premieres with Lady Leshurr and Rain Pryor

LapseOfHonour-800x535  Rain-Pryor_1


6-day event features 27 screenings and 4 UK Premieres

The Opening Night Double Header gala features 2 UK premieres at the Genesis in Stepney – “That Daughter’s Crazy” (starring Rain Pryor) and “Lapse of Honour” (starring Lady Leshurr) on Friday 18 September

That Daughter’s Crazy

Director: Elzbieta Szoka

Running Time: 59 minutes (Documentary, UK Premiere)

Carrying on a career as an actor/singer/comedian, beyond the shadow of her legendary father, Rain Pryor is an original, bold, and energetic voice, who brings us influences of her upbringing with a deep love and respect for her father. Her quest for individuality is exemplified in her award-winning one-woman show, Fried Chicken and Latkes, which dramatizes growing up in Beverly Hills in a bi-racial, half Jewish/half black household. The film features footage, photos, press clippings of Rain’s life and career, as well as various interviews. A social commentary, the film explores themes of diversity, relationships between parents and children and a profound perspective of one entertainer’s journey.

BUFF UK Premiere Friday 18th September 2015, 6pm

Q&A Host: Angie Le Mar

Lapse of Honour

Director: Rayna Campbell

Running Time: 100 minutes (Drama, UK Premiere)

Set in a rough part of Manchester where drugs and gangs rule, Tom and Eve are head over heels in love and studying for their A-levels with the goal of getting into a university in another city to escape their abusive parents.

Tom wants a career in graphic design; Eve is an aspiring MC who wants to hit the big time. When Eve announces she’s pregnant, they make a pact to raise enough money to get out of town sooner. Eve starts performing at local underground contests hoping to secure a record deal while Tom’s efforts hit a brick wall, forcing him to go to more extreme and dangerous lengths to get the money they need. In doing so, he crosses into forbidden territory bringing tragedy into both their lives. Starring Lady Leshurr, Tom Collins, Louis Emerick, Gary Mcdonald & John Weaver.

BUFF UK Premiere, Friday 18th September 2015, 9pm

Q&A Host: Remel London


UK Premieres of “Brash Young Turks” (starring Julian Glover) on Saturday 19 September and the closing night gala – “Invisible Men” (starring DJ Abrantee) on Monday 21 September at the Genesis in Stepney.

2 Nights of Short Film Screenings (supported by Channel 4) on Sunday 20 September and Monday 21 September at the Genesis in Stepney

2 Days of Free events (BUFF America Debate, Live Script Readings & the BUFF masterclass with Marlon Smith & Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan) at Channel 4 headquarters in Westminster on Thursday 17 September & Friday 18 September.

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