Ice Neal at #BUFF2014


Ice Neal has written, produced and directed two feature films and three short films. EVA’S DIAMOND, her debut, mystery thriller feature film with spiritual elements has won an Award Of Excellence for Best Feature Film, Award Of Merit for her performance in a leading role at The Accolade Film & Tv Awards 2013 in USA, Best Foreign Film Nomination at SDBFF 2013 California, and received its Uk Premiere at The Picture House Cinema, London on April 10, 2014. THE UNFATHOMABLE MR. JONES, her Comedy feature is currently in production. Ice Neal has won a Strong Consider for her writing skills. Among the reviews of her work, “The narrative is very crafty and plays with perception, almost like a David Lynch film.” Jim Cirile, Coverage Ink, LA. Ice Neal founded The Soob Productions, a film and Tv Company in 2006, so she could bring her gift for storytelling to the screen, with a goal to produce inspirational feature films, European and African-themed films of all genres.


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