#TEAMBUFF introducing Samuel Benta

Samuell Benta (actor/writer/director/producer). By close observation he noticed most young people are watching and listening to American material because there is a “lack” of British entertainment that they can relate to (especially ethnic minorities) Samuell sought to change this by producing, writing and directing his own UK family sitcom “ALL ABOUT THE MCKENZIES”. The intention was to open doors for black Britain with the vision of having the show on TV internationally, worldwide on multiple networks. All About The McKenzies is now on TV on the capital’s first TV station LONDON LIVE and was its first acquisition! Samuell is now seeking for more networks globally to broadcast the series letting the world know what Black Britain has to offer.  From All About the McKenzies being on TV, it created a new opportunity for Samuell as a producer, writer, director where BHP (Brent housing Partnership) asked him to produce a film for the borough of Brent currently entitled PERCEPTIONS, which shall be online in September. The film has its cinema premiere at BUFF on 6 September.


Get tickets here.

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