Catching up with Andersen West

#TEAMBUFF is screening West’s Dentures on Monday 8th September at 6.30 pm
Other than your own which films are you most excited to see in BUFF2014?
Montana looks interesting, but I’m most intrigued for the Trials of Mohammed Ali and of course all the short films.
What inspired you to make your film?
It’s a weird one, I was listening to Nas Bridging the Gap and liked the idea of grandparents telling us their two cents whilst rapping, but I was just bored of what I was making on a day to day basis and thought hey why not make a short
What makes your film BUFF?
Your West Indian Grandmother rapping, how much more BUFF can you get.
What film do you wish you’d made?
It’s a tie between Forest Gump & Children of Men
Can you describe your film in three words?
Grandma can rap
If you could replace the lead role of your film with a cartoon character, which character would it be and why?
Probably someone from the boondocks
If you can create an Avengers Team with any other film-makers who would they be and why? Christopher Nolan. His ability to command you attention with almost every shot leaving everyone in the cinema on the edge of your seat.

What advice would you give to aspiring filmmakers?
Well I’d still consider myself aspiring as well, but one thing I was told was that the people who are most successful aren’t the most talented, or the most skillful or even the most creative, the ones who are successful are the most persistent. So keep on even when you feel you can’t, keep going for it.

What’s next?

I am currently in pre production for my next short film, Diembe, it’s about a young Kenyan boy who moves to a Northern working class town in the early 2000s, and how he deals with prejudice, British weather and not being very good at football. Should everything go well you’ll be seeing in soon.


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