#TEAMBUFF welcomes back Jessie Grace Mellor

We are thrilled to welcome Jessie back for another year at BUFF2014. This year she’ll anchor our Friday Feature: The Ballad of Johnny Windows, directed by Adriel Leff.

Jessie Grace Mellor has been on the board of the British Urban Film Festival since 2011. Last year she presented BUFF’s 1st ever world premiere with the screening of ‘Traveller’. Outside of BUFF, she has written about films and filmmakers for nearly 2 decades as a broadcast and print film journalist and has travelled the world visiting sets and interviewing actors, directors and producers.

She has written for Empire magazine, The Huffington Post and was the Daily Mirror DVD critic for eleven years. She was also a judge for the Manorlogz poetry slam final which was broadcast on Sky in December 2010.

Jessie has also written and directed shorts and had her film ‘Billy Blaze’ screened at BUFF 2008 prior to her joining the board. Her documentary feature ‘Before They Were Dubz’ – which features archive footage of the band NDubz before they were famous – was the first BUFF film selection commissioned to broadcast on primetime television in April 2012. Jessie is currently in production with (‘Coming Up’) – her feature film directing debut.


You can get tickets here.



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