BUFF presents: The Trials of Muhammed Ali, dir. Bill Siegel

‘The Trials of Muhammad Ali’ covers Ali’s toughest bout: his battle to overturn a five-year prison sentence for refusing US military service in Vietnam. Prior to becoming the most recognisable face on earth, Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali and found himself in the crosshairs of conflicts concerning race, religion, and wartime dissent. Outspoken and passionate in his beliefs, #TrialsOfAli zeroes in on the most controversial years of Ali’s life, when an emerging sports superhero chooses faith and conscience over fame and fortune.

Cast: Rahman Ali (brother), Khalilah Camacho-Ali (second wife), Louis Farrakhan.


You can watch the trailer here:


BUFF presents the World Premiere at Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square – 8.30pm 4th September 2014. You can get tickets here: http://www.britishurbanfilmfestival.co.uk/book-tickets



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