British Urban Film Festival launches new viral ad

From the home of urban film coverage in the UK...

The British Urban Film Festival has launched a new online advertising campaign with creative that parades the films, filmmakers, personalities and brand ambassadors who played their part in the biggest British Urban Film Festival to date.

Watch the ad by clicking here:


The ad, which aired December 25, features a montage of photographs scattered across the screen, each photograph having the hashtag #BUFF2013 to identify that photo’s significance to the festival. During the 150-second ad, the screen displays colour photographs which ‘stand out’ to further illustrate their significance to the festival. The screen then zooms in on the last colour photograph which features the official ident for the 2014 British Urban Film Festival. The ident comprises of the BUFF logo (circa 2010) emblazoned on the union jack flag. The hashtag #BUFF2014 is also displayed in the photo.

The spot carries the strapline “From the home of urban film coverage in the UK” and was created in-house by BUFF.

It has recently been announced that Channel 4 have extended their partnership deal with BUFF meaning that the opening 3 events of BUFF 2014 will once again be hosted at Channel 4 headquarters. The deal also includes an option to screen a selection of films from the festival in the ‘Shooting Gallery’ slot on its main network.  

Channel 4 have said the following in a statement: “Channel 4 has a World-Class reputation for innovation and is ready to invest in the next generation of creative content. Channel 4 are happy to support the opening day of BUFF 2014 because in order to remain relevant in an ever changing world we must ensure that we continue to seek out the very best creative voices. Voices that represent the diversity and cultural richness of contemporary British life”.

See more about submissions at:


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